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The world's largest English chandelier (by Hancock Rixon & Dunt and probably F. & C. Osler)[14] is in the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul. It has 750 lamps and weighs 4.5 tons. Dolmabahçe has the largest collection of British and Baccarat crystal chandeliers in the world, and one of the great staircases has balusters of Baccarat crystal.

All about Chandelier

Chandeliers - The Sign of Elegant & Historical Culture

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Solar Products - The trending products for the next 30 years

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A popular place to install pendant lights is over kitchen countertops. As a general rule of thumb, a pendant light should be positioned 75-80cm apart and 75-80cm above an island bench.[2] This is a generally applied rule when symmetry is in place.

Pendant Lights / Ceiling Lights

Pendant Lights - Not only for brightness, but also the main focus of your room design & decoration.

Currently those products are only available to be bought in box. The pieces inside will be stated at the descriptions.

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