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Extra Ordinary Products

Something Unique, Something Attracting, Something Outstanding~

Extra Ordinary Products

People nowadays are always seeking for something special, something unique. From the roof until the ground, every one is trying to have something others wont have. To show how unique is your decoration, we do trying our best to provide the most unique products to you. As the starting of VS Concept Store, we would like to present the FAN LIGHT to you.

For most of the people understand about the structure of Fan Light, its just some lights sticking with the fan. The designation of Fan Light is just more on old school of the Europe style which we call ELEGANT. But today, Fan Light has evolved themselves into the stage of MODERN. With the combination of item things, FAN, LIGHTS, BLUETOOTH speaker. Fan Light now has became one of the significant products that you cannot miss in your home.

Take a look at the video, then you will found that it evolved into something very interesting.

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