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Women's Foot Wear

Local Productions - The quality is catching up the market standard

Women's Foot Wear

Branded products conquered South Africa's market for years. Things started to change after the pandemic. The shares of market in South Africa has a change during and after the pandemic. Some big companies closed down, and some small companies pop up. We all know this was a normal cycle but this cycle rotated a bit too fast compare with before.

The people of South Africa became smarter and wiser, consumers are no longer purchase goods blindly. With the improvement of the needs and wants of South Africans, manufacturers have to spend more effort on their goods to make sure themselves competitive in the market. Its not easy to survive nowadays! There are no more free lunch nor easy lunch in the world!

When I first have a contact with these products, I was really impressed with the quality and standard of the goods. Let's put the comparison with branded goods, as a newly born brand, I would give them a compliment. Of course the design is a bit of 'copy' from other brand, but let's see the quality and the price. You can see the effort and the main idea from the manufacturers, you wont feel that these products will easily 'broken' and the comfort when you are wearing them. At least i can say, what they spend on the products, it does not failed the consumers.

Supporting local production is the slogan of government. But as a wise consumer, we more concern on the word 'worth'. Whether the product worth you buying, is the main concern for the consumers. Expensive does not guarantee good, but too cheap is basically can't be good. This is a normal consumer thinking.

I wont say the products are fascinating, but i do believe you won't be regret to give it a try. You never know until you try, this is what i believe on. From the other hand, as a support for local manufacturers, i would ask you to think of one thing - A CHANCE GIVEN WILL MAKE THNIGS DIFFERENT. Everyone deserves a chance, since its a reasonable price, i do believe they wont let you down.

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